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Review: League of Comic Geeks

We love comics, but it can be difficult to keep up with all the new content hitting the shelves every Wednesday. On top of the many titles, each may have several cover variants. As I was getting back into comics and setting up subscriptions with my Local Comics Store (LCS) I was lucky enough to get turned onto to help me plan and manage my collection.

This site does several things very well.

  1. You can specify which titles you want to "subscribe" to. The site will alert you when the next issue of your favorite books will be available. You still have to subscribe with your Local Comics Store and purchase there to get the books. You can't buy physical or digital copies through the website. That's OK though because you can connect with LCSs through the site and sync your pull list!

  2. You can log which comics you've already got in your collection. I can't count the number of times I've been looking through a longbox at the comics store only to forget which issues I already had.

  3. You can add comics to a "Wishlist". This lets you keep track of what you'd like to buy when you're looking through back issues. I use this to remind me of which issues I need to get for my collection

  4. has an extensive library of covers so you can add specific variants to your pull list for a given week, or flag a particular back issue you'd like to collect.

  5. The tool will email you on Tuesday reminding you what books you wanted to get on New Comics Wednesday.

  6. You can plan your pulls several weeks in advance. I'm always amazed at the variety of covers they have available to browse before they hit the sales racks.

And you can do all these things with a free tier account! Premium features include:

  1. Bulk add, edit, and delete controls for your collection.

  2. Additional fields for data about each comic.

  3. Deeper statistics which allow you to filter by year, grading, value, and more.

  4. Different views.

  5. Updated profile page including ability to personalize with your favorite characters.

  6. Username changes once every 30 days.

  7. No third-party ads

All this for only $19 a year (at time of writing)!

This site offers a tremendous amount of value for free. I'm legitimately surprised that more of the free features aren't in the paid tier, like being able to sync with LCSs. For $19 a year I think that's a very fair price to support the site and get rid of pesky ads. I'm not geek enough yet to appreciate some of the bulk features and extra stats about my collection, but they all make sense and I can see myself using them in the future.

All-in-all, I think this is a tremendous site and worthy of your consideration.



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