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Welcome to Atomic Comics

Hi! My name is Jim and I recently took up collecting comics again. I'm training my eye on how to grade on the 10-point scale used at CGC and using that knowledge to choose which books will make a good addition to the collection, which are good candidates for a cleaning and pressing, and which to pass on.

Collecting in The Marvel Universe

I love Bronze and Copper age books which are my primary focus. I may dabble in Silver age a bit, especially when it comes to early Iron Man appearances. I'm also learning more about Modern books, particularly keys. As I am learning about the various characters and runs largely from scratch, I've decided to focus on the Marvel Universe to get started.

Cleaning and Pressing

I've been bitten by the bug to clean and press comics. It's a fun hobby which I find relaxing and rewarding. I enjoy seeing a nice book become even better with some TLC to remove dirt and grime, fix spine ticks, and flatten out bends. The transformation is magical!

Thanks for finding and reading

I'm glad you've found this site where I'll discuss collecting, cleaning, pressing, and more. I hope you find information here that will help your own journey, or that you'll at least find entertaining.



AtomicComics.Net is a YouTube channel and website devoted to comics collecting, grading, cleaning, pressing, and other related topics .

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